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Joe Katchka is the owner/founder of Katch Moments Photography, a progressive photography company that aspires to provide an exclusive insight into your lifestyle. Based out of Southern California, Joe and his team will meet the demands of your needs by blending style, performance, and innovation. Using an unobtrusive approach, the moments you treasure most will be preserved in classic timeless photographs, providing you with wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.


He combines technical proficiency, patience, intuition, and his unique artistic sensibilities. Whether it's a child's inquisitive expression, a newborn infant's first gasp of air, or that first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. Joe Katchka and his team go about their chosen passion and profession with an eye for the moment and a heart for the beauty. Joe works hard to make his clients feel comfortable enough to have FUN and be themselves in front of the camera because that is when the best photographs are taken. Inspired by all aspects of the Southern California lifestyle, the KatchMoments brand is a reflection of the cultures and lifestyles inherit to its Southern California roots.


"You don't take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams


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